G Pro Wireless vs G305 Lightspeed Wireless Mouse Comparison

The G Pro Wireless is a premium tier wireless gaming mouse and the G305 Lightspeed is considerably more budget friendly, though it doesn't sacrifice any performance.

G Pro Wireless vs G305 Lightspeed Wireless Mouse Comparison


The G Pro Wireless is the overall better mouse - get it if your budget allows for it. The G305 Lightspeed has a better price to performance ratio. If you have a tighter budget, the G305 will not disappoint.

G Pro Wireless (left) and G305 Lightspeed (right)

Main Differences

  • The G Pro Wireless has a built in rechargeable battery while the G305 uses a AA battery.
  • The G Pro Wireless is a lighter mouse than the G305.
  • The G305 (4.6 inches) is slightly shorter in length than the G Pro Wireless (4.92 inches).
  • The G Pro Wireless has more durable switches than the G305.
  • The G Pro Wireless is roughly twice the price of the G305.
  • The G Pro Wireless has customizable RGB lighting on the logo while the G305 does not have any RGB lighting.


  • Both mouses have a similar ambidextrous style, form factor, and button layout.
  • Both mouse have the same Logitech Hero sensor, professional grade tracking speed, and ultra low latency.
G Pro Wireless G305
Price View on Amazon View on Amazon
Wireless Yes Yes
Power Source Internal Battery AA Battery
Battery Life 48+ Hours Per Charge 250+ Hours Per AA
Weight 80 grams 84 grams+
Tracking Resolution 200-16,000 dpi 200-12,000 dpi
Wireless Charging Yes No
Durability 50 million clicks 10 million clicks
Tracking Speed 400+ IPS 400+ IPS
Warranty 2 years 2 years
Latency < 1ms < 1ms

G Pro Wireless (top) and G305 Lightspeed (bottom)


When deciding between purchasing the G305 Lightspeed or the G Pro Wireless it really all comes down to budget. The G Pro Wireless is a premium tier wireless gaming mouse and the G305 is considerably more budget friendly, though it doesn't sacrifice any performance.

With the G305 you get the same high performance Logitech Hero sensor that achieves professional-grade tracking speeds and sub-1-millisecond latency. The only difference here is that the G305 has a maximum tracking resolution of 12,000 dpi vs the 16,00 maximum of the G Pro Wireless. Few people at all, professional gamers included, set their mouse speed over 3,000 dpi, let alone 12,000 or 16,000, which makes this difference irrelevant.

The G305 has two programmable buttons on the left side of the mouse, and one behind the scroll wheel while the G Pro Wireless has two on each side of the mouse. The G305 is a slightly smaller (shorter) mouse in length coming in at 4.6 inches versus the G Pro Wireless which measures 4.92 inches. Take this into consideration if you have large hands or like to wrap your entire hand around a mouse (palm grip) as you may find the G305 to be too small.

The real main difference between the G305 and G Pro Wireless are their power sources. The G305 uses a single AA battery which yields around 250 hours of use before needing to be replaced. The G Pro Wireless has a built in rechargeable battery that last 48+ hours per charge. The G Pro Wireless can be recharged with the included braided charging cable or wirelessly with Logitech's compatible PowerPlay wireless charging mouse pad.

The G Pro Wireless (80 grams) is also a lighter mouse than the G305 (~96 grams), though you can use lighter batteries to get to as low as 84 grams on the G305.

Lastly, the G305's switches are only rated for 10 million clicks versus the 50 million click rating of the G Pro Wireless. In theory, the G Pro Wireless switches should last up to 5x longer than the G305.

Pictured: Logitech G Pro Wireless

G Pro Wireless Overview

The G Pro Wireless honors its namesake 'Pro' with quality, speed, and performance suitable for professional gamers all while being wireless. It's a suitable mouse for any power user, gamer or not, who wants one of the highest performing wireless mouses money can buy. For most, this mouse is going to be a bit overkill, while for others overkill is exactly what's wanted.

G Pro Wireless: Wired + Wireless Connection & Latency

As its name denotes, the G Pro Wireless is a fully wireless mouse that uses a USB reciever to achieve ultra low latency. It comes with a charging cable that will switch the mouse to a wired connection when plugged into the computer.

G Pro Wireless: Battery Life

The G Pro Wireless battery boasts 45 hours of use per charge, making it one of the longest lasting wireless mouse batteries on the market. The G Pro battery can, and will, last significantly longer if the RGB is turned off via Logitech's free G Hub software.

G Pro Wireless: Weight

The G Pro Wireless is one of the lightest wireless gaming mouses on the market coming in at only 80 grams. This is an attractive feature for those who want the lightest possible wireless mouse without sacrificing size, performance, or battery life.

G Pro Wireless: Tracking Resolution & Tracking Speed

The G Pro Wireless is equipped with Logitech's 16k Hero sensor that can be adjusted within a dpi range of 200 and 16,000. This is more than adequate for any user, professional or not. The G Pro Wireless achieves 400+ IPS tracking speeds making it more than suitable for professional gaming.

G Pro Wireless: Switch Durability

The G Pro Wireless switches are rated for 50 million clicks. While this is just an estimation, based on an average of ~7,000 clicks per day you could expect these switches to last ~20 years before wearing out.

G Pro Wireless: Who Should Buy the G Pro Wireless?

The G Pro Wireless is suitable for those who want the highest performing wireless gaming mouse posssible and are willing to pay a premium price for it.

Pictured: Logitech G305 Lightspeed

G305 Lightspeed Overview

The G305 Lightspeed brings pro-tier wireless gaming performance down to an affordable price point, and does so without sacrificing too much quality. The G305 is perfect for people who want a very light wireless gaming mouse with a professional-grade sensor, tracking speed, latency, and accuracy.

G305 Lightspeed: Wireless Connection & Latency

The G305 connects to your computer with a small Lightspeed USB reciever that achieves sub-1-millisecond latency.

G305 Lightspeed: Battery Life

The G305 uses a single AA battery with which it gets 250+ hours of battery life.

G305 Lightspeed: Weight

The G305 arrives weighing roughly 95 grams with the single AA alkaline battery included. You can reduce the total weight of the mouse by ~8 grams by switching to a lighter AA lithium battery. If you want the lightest possible G305 experience (~84 grams total) you can use a AAA lithium in conjunction with a AA to AAA battery converter, though you will sacrifice some battary life by using the smaller AAA battery.

Here is a picture showing the possible weights of the G305 Lightspeed depending on the battery used:

g305 lightspeed weight
Image sourced from Reddit

G305 Lightspeed: Tracking Resolution and Tracking Speed

The G305 Lightspeed's dpi can be adjusted within a range of 200 to 12,000 dpi, which is more than adequate for any user's needs, gaming or otherwise. Most people will find it difficult to use a mouse that is set at a dpi of over 3,000, so the option to go up to 12,000 is more than enough. Additionally, the G305 has a professional gaming grade tracking speed at over 400 IPS.

G305 Lightspeed: Durability

The G305's switches are rated for 10 million clicks, which would last a heavy user 4+ years assuming an average of ~7,000 clicks per day, which is far more than most users. 7,000 clicks per day is indicative of someone who both works and games on the mouse every single day.

G305 Lightspeed: Who Should Buy the G305 Lightspeed?

The G305 Lightspeed is suitable for anyone looking for a high performance gaming/work mouse at an affordable price. The 250+ hour battery life makes it ideal for those who travel or bring their own mouse to and from work. Though the G305 is designed as a gaming mouse, it's aesthetic is sleek and subtle enough that it won't feel out of place at work or in a classroom setting.

G Pro Wireless vs G305 Lightspeed: Final Recommendation

If you can afford it, the G Pro Wireless is the better qaulity mouse. If you have a lower budget but still want pro-tier performance at ~1/3 the price, then snag the G305 - you won't be disappointed.

G Pro Wireless and G305 Lightspeed: Where to Buy

Mouse prices tend to fluctuate a lot based on time of year, available stock, and recent releases. As with most electronics, we recommend purchasing through Amazon as their customer service and return policies are very easy to work with if for whatever reason you are not happy with your purchase.

  • You can buy the G Pro Wireless on Amazon here.
  • You can buy the G305 on Amazon here.

You may want to consider cross-shopping on Best Buy, Jet, eBay and Target to find the best price, though Amazon will usually be your best bet unless their is a significant deal or discount on another site.

Other Wireless Gaming Mice to Consider

If you think the G305 is too small of a mouse for you and don't have the budget to justify purchasing the G Pro Wireless, the G603 is a very similar, larger alternative to the G305 that also uses AA batteries.

If you are looking for something more similar to the G Pro Wireless but more cost effective, consider the G703 Hero. Here's a link to our G703 Hero vs G Pro Wireless Comparison.

If you are looking for a pro-tier wireless gaming mouse but aren't quite sold on the G Pro Wireless check out the Razer Viper Ultimate. It's better than the G Pro Wireless in several areas and tends to be slightly less expensive. Here's a link to our G Pro Wireless vs Razer Viper Ultimate Comparison.

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