Logitech G703 vs G703 Hero Wireless Mouse Comparison

The G703 Hero improves on the G703 in a few areas, but is it worth the extra cost?

Logitech G703 vs G703 Hero Wireless Mouse Comparison


Get the G703 Hero if you prefer a lighter mouse. You'll also enjoy the longer battery life, which comes in handy if you travel with your mouse a lot. If you prefer a heavier mouse, or don't care about mouse weight, save yourself some money and go with the standard G703.

Logitech G703 and G703 Hero Wireless Mouse
Both the G703 and G703 Hero have the same exact form factor.

Main Differences

  • The G703 Hero has a 'Hero' sensor that can go up to 16k dpi (this feature is overrated)
  • The G703 Hero has almost double the battery life of the standard G703
  • The G703 Hero is ~12 grams lighter than the standard G703
G703 G703 Hero
Price View on Amazon View on Amazon
Wireless Yes Yes
Power Source Built-in Rechargeable Battery Built-in Rechargeable Battery
Battery Life 20+ Hours Per Full Charge 35+ Hours Per Full Charge
Weight 117 grams (or 107 grams) 95 grams (or 105 grams)
Tracking Resolution 200-12,000 dpi 200-16,000 dpi
Wireless Charging Yes Yes


The G703 Hero is the newer, improved version of the standard G703. The G703 Hero introduces the new Hero tracking sensor that can be adjusted to 16,000 dpi, up from the standard G703's 12,000 dpi. This increased 16k dpi sesnsor sounds great on paper but in reality is pretty useless as even 2,000 dpi is too sensitive for most users, gamers included.

The G703 Hero's improved battery life, however, is a huge plus if you travel a lot with your wireless mouse or if you don't plan on purchasing Logitech's PowerPlay wireless charging mat. With the mat, battery life becomes irrelevant as it will always be fully charged when resting on the wireless charging mouse pad.

Lastly, some users will be more than willing to fork over the extra cash for the G703's lighter weight (95 grams with the optional magnetic weight removed). Many users, myself included, prefer a heavier mouse, in which case the standard G703 should suffice.

G703 (non-hero version) - Amazon Link

G703 (standard non-hero version) Overview

The Logitech G703 is arguably one of the best wireless mouses on the market, and depending on its current price, could be the right mouse for you. It's subtle design makes it an attractive option for people who want a high performance gaming-tier mouse without the often overdone gaming aesthetic.

It's a pretty desirable option with it's beautiful form factor, modest RGB, and comfortable body grip. As far as features go, the G703 has everything the G403 has, but is compatible with Logitech's PowerPlay wireless charging mouse pad and has the Logitech LIGHTSPEED wireless tech for users who want ultra low-latency that rivals any wired gaming mouse.

G703: Wired + Wireless Connection

The Logitech G703 can be used both wirelessly and with the included braided charging cable. You won't notice any difference in performance or latency in either scenario since Logitech's wireless LIGHTSPEED technology gives you sub-1-millisecond latency which rivals any wired gaming mouse option available. The LIGHTSPEED wireless reciever is low profile and fits into a standard USB slot.

G703: Battery Life

You can expect a solid 18 hours of battery life from a full charge, though many people report 20+ hours per charge. When plugged in, the mouse charges to full in several hours. If you take advantage of the wireless charging with Logitech's PowerPlay wireless charging mat (pictured below) you won't ever have to plug it in to recharge.

Logitech PowerPlay Wireless Charging Mat
Logitech PowerPlay Wireless Charging Mat - Amazon Link

G703 Weight

The G703 weighs 117 grams, but has a magnetic 10-gram weight that can be removed to reduce the mouse's weight to 107 grams.

G703: Tracking Resolution

Like the G403, the G703's tracking resolution can be set between 200 and 12,000 dpi, which is easily a broad enough sensitivity range for any potential uses you may have.

G703: Who Should Buy the Logitech G703?

The Logitech G703 is great for anyone who wants a high-performance gaming-tier mouse without an over-the-top gaming aesthetic. This mouse has modest, good-looking, customizable RGB lighting, but would not look out of place in a work setting. If you find yourself switching back and forth between gaming and work, or just want a great looking, high quality mouse that will last you a long time then the G703 won't disappoint.

G703 Hero - Amazon Link

G703 Hero Overview

The G703 Hero improves upon the original G703 in three areas. It has Logitech's new and improved Hero sensor capable of up to 16,000 dpi. It also has almost double the battery life of the standard G703 with 35+ hours of battery life per charge. Lastly, the G703 Hero weighs about 12 grams less than the G703.

G703 Hero: Wired + Wireless Connection

Like the original G703, the G703 Hero uses Logitech's LIGHTSPEED wireless connection to achieve sub-1-millisecond latency, which is as fast as any wired, or wireless, mouse you'll find.

G703 Hero: Battery Life

Expect 35+ hours of battery life on the G703 Hero, which is a significant improvement on the 20 or so hours of battery life you can expect on the original G703. Both models can be wirelessly charged with Logitech's PowerPlay wireless charging mouse pad.

G703 Hero: Weight

The G703 Hero weighs in at just 95 grams and can be adjusted up to 105 grams with the 10 gram magnetic clip on weight. Without the weight, the G703 Hero is 12 grams lighter than the original G703 that weighs 107 grams without its own 10 gram magentic clip on weight.  

G703 Hero: Tracking Resolution

The G703 Hero is named after the addition of the Logitech Hero sensor, which can be adjusted up to 16,000 dpi, and as mentioned already, is more sensitive than the vast majority of people will ever utilize.

G703 Hero: Who Should Buy the Logitech G703 Hero?

The G703 Hero is an attractive option for anyone, gamer or not, who wants a good-looking, comfortable, high quality wireless mouse. The G703 Hero's long battery life and tasteful design make it a great option for people who travel often, don't always have access to a micro USB charging cable, or bring their mouse with them to and from work each day.

Pictured: G703 Hero

G703 vs G703 Hero: Final Recommendation

The G703 Hero's main value adds over the original G703 are its improved battery life, lighter weight, and improved dpi sensor. Depending on what you value in a wireless mouse, you can make a strong case for either of these models.

  • If you really want a lighter mouse, then go with the G703 Hero.
  • If you plan on getting the Logitech PowerPlay wireless charging mat, then you can save some money by going with the G703 base model, as it will always be fully charged.
  • If you are looking for a mouse you can travel with and not worry about it running out of battery, spring for the G703 Hero's better battery life.

G703 and G703 Hero: Where to Buy

As with most electronics, we recommend purchasing through Amazon as their customer service and return policies are very easy to work with if for whatever reason you are not happy with your purchase.

  • You can buy the original G703 on Amazon here.
  • You can buy the G703 Hero on Amazon here.

You may want to consider cross-shopping on Best Buy, Jet, eBay and Target to find the best price, though Amazon will usually be your best bet unless their is a significant deal or discount on another site.

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