Desk Setup Gallery

This is a custom curated gallery of our favorite desk setups and battelstations we've come across. Use these desk setup examples as inspiration for your own workspace or gaming setup at home.

The Jungle

desk setup with plants and wood desk
Source: r/battlestations
The Jungle Links:
Monitor Mouse Headphones Chair
Monitor Mount Keyboard Speakers Desk Legs
Plants Desk Top PC Case Desk Riser

Little Spark

white and black themed desk setup
Source: r/battlestations
Little Spark Links:
Monitor Mouse Lights Xbox Controller
Headphones DAC Speakers Amp
Mouse Mat PC Case

Cotton Mill

Source: r/battlestations
Cotton Mill Links:
Top Monitor Bottom Monitors Chair Monitor Mount
Drawers Lightbulb Plants Wood Desk Top
Speakers PC Case Keyboard

Battle Bus

Source: r/battlestations
Battle Bus Links:
Piano Keyboard Chair Monitors Monitor Mount


Source: r/battlestations
Serenity Links:
Top Monitor Bottom Monitor Speakers Chair
Keyboard Mouse Microphone Xbox Controller
Mic Stand Mouse Pad PC Case Pen Ink
Fountain Pens Plants Monitor Mount Wood Desk Top
Desk Legs