The 10 Best Pregnancy Water Bottles in 2024

The 10 Best Pregnancy Water Bottles in 2024

For many women, dizziness, headaches, and morning sickness are a harsh reality of pregnancy. But what many people don't realize is that a big contributing factor to these conditions is dehydration. We all know drinking water is essential to maintain health. However, when it comes to pregnancy, you need to take extra care of yourself. Staying hydrated helps your body to supply oxygen and nutrients to cells, tissues, and organs to you and your little bundle of joy.

Using a reusable water bottle throughout your pregnancy can help you reach your hydration goals with minimal to zero effort while avoiding harmful toxins and contaminants.

To help you find the right pregnancy water bottles amongst the wide array of colors, types, and features, we've done extensive research and testing to round up the top 10 best water bottles for pregnant women that you can find on Amazon.

Our Pick: Brita Stainless Filter Bottle

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Brita’s premium filtering stainless steel bottle holds up to 32 ounces of water and is specifically designed with a filtering straw to eliminate the taste and odor of chlorine and othe contaminants, enabling you can sip water without worrying about anything nasty being in it. It's also environmentally friendly - by switching to Brita, you can remove your carbon footprint and replace 1,800 disposable plastic bottles and save hundreds of dollars a year.


● BPA-free and has double-wall insulation.

● The bottle comes with replaceable filters to reduce chlorine taste.

● Brita keeps the water cold 24/7 with double-wall insulation.

● Available in a variety of colors


● It’s nearly impossible to get the last few sips from the bottom of the water bottle due to the straw depth.

Luxury Pick: Larq Insulated Self-Cleaning and Stainless Steel Water Bottle With UV Water Sanitizer

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If you can afford to spend this much on a water bottle, then don't even hestitate to get the LARQ. It's amazing.

The LARQ bottle is backed up by science and has been thoroughly tested by independent third-party labs to fight against bio-contaminants which will help keep your mind at peace throughout your pregnancy.

The bottle uses an innovative mercury-free UV-C light technology to neutralizes the water for up to 99.9999% of harmful germs. With this water bottle, you can choose to get water from anywhere you want and yet be sure that you are not compromising with your and your baby’s health. All you have to do is, fill the bottle with water and press the cap to get let the bottle self-clean in just 60 seconds.

Not just that, the bottle intelligently activates the self-cleaning UV-C lights every 2 hours to keep your bottle free of harmful germs and viruses throughout the day, drastically reducing the chances of getting sick. With the help of its USB rechargeable Lithium-polymer battery you can get self-cleaning power for up to a month on a single charge.


● BPA free, toxin free, and kills harmful germs, bacteria, and viruses with UV light technology.

● Double wall vacuum sealed insulation keeps water and other drinks cold for 24 hours and keeps hot drinks hot for 12 hours.

● Has a strong leak-proof lid.

● Easy to use technology with long battery life.

● Available in multiple attractive colors.


● Very expensive for a water bottle.

Budget Alternative: MAKE T FUN Insulated Self-Cleaning Water Bottle

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While it's marketed as a survival and backpacking water bottle, The Make T Fun water bottle's self-cleaning properties make it a perfect preganancy water bottle.

The built-in UV LED chip and the UV light technology in this insulated self-cleaning bottle is proven to eliminate biological contaminants by cleaning the inner surfaces of the botter and destroying harmful DNAs of dangerous substances.

In short, you can drink safe water any time, anywhere, with this self-cleaning water bottle - which makes it a perfect choice for a water bottle for you pregnant ladies.

Due to its double vacuum and long-term thermal insulated stainless steel, this bottle can too keep the water cold for 24 hours and hot for 12.


● Uses a very simple and easy technology for not-so-tech-savvy moms

● Has a waterproof lid

● Made with strong and premium shell

● The bottle automatically self-cleans every 6 hours


● Takes a bit long to sterilize

Opard 30oz Sports Water Bottle

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Did you say something about having a stylish water bottle? Well, we hear you. This incredible water bottle comes with a stylish matte finish which makes it stand out from the rest. As aesthetically appealing as it is, it offers you to enjoy many of its practical benefits as well.

If you switch to the Opard Sports Water Bottle, you can not only use it to hold water but its integrated filter also allows you to infuse fruit and tea for that extra flavor and nutrients for the newcomer of your family.

If going to the kitchen every few minutes is too tiring for you, there is no chance you are not grabbing this irresistibly elegant bottle that will amp up any table with its exceptional presence.


● 100% BPA free Non-toxic Tritan.

● PP plastic cap with rubber seal to prevent the water from leaking.

● Comes with a carry-ring to make it easier to carry it while you are traveling.


● Must wash regularly.

● No germ killing features.

Venture Pal Large 1 Gallon Motivational BPA Free Leakproof Water Bottle

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It is totally understandable that drinking plenty of water a day is no easy job, but what if you had something to motivate you throughout the day? Yes, with this Venture Pal bottle, that’s possible. This 13.8 inches tall and 6.9-inch wide 1-gallon bottle comes with a unique quirky design and inspirational quotes and time makers to measure your daily intake of water, reminding you to stay hydrated and get nutrients during pregnancy. With the help of Venture Pal, you achieve your daily water goals without having to leave your place for a refill every few hours.

Other than that, it features a wide transparent appearance to help you track your water and easily slides ice cubes into the bottle. Made with high-quality plastic to carry with you wherever, whenever you want.


● Comes with a carry handle and a flip-top opening.

● Comes with a large variety of vivid colors and styles.

● Its advanced design allows you to drink the water without having the cap to bug your nose and face.

● Easy to clean and assemble.


● The straw can be uncomfortable to drink and refill.

● Less "premium" than other options in this list.

HotFun 1 Gallon Water Bottle with Built-in Infuser

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Here comes another pregnancy water bottle to increase your motivation for the day. However, this bottle has a little more to offer. The HotFun Water Bottle is designed in the most convenient way with a handle to make it effortless to carry with you on the go. The best part? It has a built in fruit infuser so you can add some flavor to your water!

Apart from that, to make sure the water does leak, the manufacturers have built the bottle with a conventional screw and a silicon gasket.


● Comes with an 18-month refund policy.

● Highest quality food-grade PETG resin.

● BPA-free and very durable


● Harder to maintain since it’s not dishwasher safe and can’t be kept in the freezer.

Iron Flask Sports Water Bottle

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This gorgeous beauty with a powder coat covering is everyone’s favorite. On top of that, it is BPA and toxin free and the exterior is insulated with double wall insulation to make the Iron Flask completely sweat and condensation-free. The stainless steel allows you to keep the cold water chill for up to 24 hours and hot water for 12. If the metal taste or rusting your pet peeve, then this Iron Flask is your best bet to go.


● Has 100% satisfaction record with over 40 thousand 5 star reviews on Amazon.

● It comes with 3 types of lids: Carabiner Straw Lid with 2 Straws, Flip Lid, and a Stainless Steel Lid which is a seriously nice perk.


● Poor customer service

JUST ADD WATUR Minimal Water Bottle with Time Marker Reminder

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If you are a sucker for minimal, aesthetically pleasing water bottles, this one is for you. The Just Add Watur bottle comes with time markers, no logo, and a frosted look to give you the right bottle that suits your sophisticated personality. That’s not it, it also comes in a wide variety of colors and offers prolonged durability to last you to not only your pregnancy but after that too. 100% BPA FREE Tritan plastic, which ensures it's lightweight and shatter-resistant, unlike most water bottles.


● Fits nicely in cupholders.

● Minimal look that comes in a variety of colors.


● Has no insulation.

● Will have condensation if filled with cold water.

Takeya Actives Insulated Stainless Steel Water Bottle

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For an active, on-the-go lifestyle, Takeya USA products help you stay headache-free, refreshed, and hydrated all day long. With a powder-coated finish, this elegant and tough sports water bottle has double-wall insulation to keep the water hot and cold when necessary.

Moreover, this bottle of stainless steel water comes with a creative leakproof insulated straw lid that makes it easy to drink with one hand.


● Offers bottles in 18, 24, 32, 40, and 64 oz sizes.

● BPA-free water bottles with sustainable iced tea, fruit infusion, cold brew pitchers.

● Comes with double straws.


● Heavy in weight.

BELLYBOTTLE Pregnancy Water Bottle Intake Tracker with Weekly Milestone Stickers

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Alright, this product is specifically made for the soon-to-be mommies out there. As mentioned earlier, drinking water has a key role in getting the right nutrients to your organs faster. That being said, the BellyBottle is the original water bottle for pregnant women that track hydration. For a healthy pregnancy, it lets you meet your recommended daily intake of water by motivating you through fun inspirational stickers every week.


● Easy to clean.

● No harmful chemicals.


● According to reviews, water tastes weird out of this bottle until you wash it.