Logitech G Pro Wireless vs G903 Lightspeed Wireless Mouse Comparison

The G Pro Wireless is the hands-down winner in this matchup of premium priced wireless gaming mice.

Logitech G Pro Wireless vs G903 Lightspeed Wireless Mouse Comparison


Get the G Pro Wireless. It's arguably the best wireless mouse on the market. If you don't have the budget for the G Pro wireless, you should still avoid the G903 Lightspeed at all costs. It's an outdated, expensive mouse, that frequently has manufacturer defects.

G Pro Wireless (left) vs G903 Lightspeed (right)


  • The G Pro Wireless has superior battery life
  • The G Pro Wireless is much a much lighter mouse
  • The G Pro Wireless (Hero 16k) has a better sensor than the G903 (PMW3366) which practically translates to lower latency.
  • The G Pro Wireless is rated for 50 million clicks while the G903 has no click rating and frequent complaints regarding click issues.


  • Both are fully wireless gaming mice that can be recharged wirelessly with the Logitech PowerPlay charging mat or their respective included charging cables.

Important Note: This comparison focuses on the original G903 Lightspeed, not the G903 Lightspeed Hero, that has the improved Hero sensor and much better battery life. We still recommend the G Pro Wireless over the G903 Hero version.

G Pro Wireless G903 Lightspeed
Price View on Amazon View on Amazon
Wireless Yes Yes
Power Source Internal Battery Internal Battery
Battery Life 48+ Hours Per Charge 24+ Hours Per Charge
Weight 80 grams 110 - 120 grams
Tracking Resolution 200-16,000 dpi 200-12,000 dpi
Wireless Charging Yes Yes
Durability 50 million clicks <10 million clicks
Tracking Speed 400+ IPS 400+ IPS
Warranty 2 years 2 years
Latency < 1ms ~1ms

G Pro Wireless (top) and G903 Lgihtspeed (bottom)


While it is the more expensive option, the G Pro Wireless is superior to the G903 Lightspeed in every possible way. The G Pro Wireless is Logitech's premier pre-tier wireless gaming mouse and the mouse of choice for a significant percentage of professional gamers.

The G Pro Wireless has almost twice the battery life of the G903, though both can be wirelessly recharged with the compatible Logitech PowerPlay mouse pad.

The G903 uses the inferior PMW3366 sensor compared to the Hero 16k sensor of the G Pro Wireless, though to be fair, the PMW3366 is still a great sensor that achieves 1-millisecond latency.

The G Pro Wireless is one of the lightest wirelss gaming mouses available at only 80 grams compared to the 110 grams of the G903 Lightspeed. The G903 Lightspeed can be adjusted up to 120 grams with a 10 gram clip-in magnetic weight.

Most importantly, the switches on the G Pro Wireless have a click durability rating of 50 million clicks, which will consistently last many years. Meanwhile, the G903 has no click durability rating and many customer complaints about the switches wearing out fast and consistent double-click errors. You can view these complaints for yourself in the Amazon reviews here.

Pictured: Logitech G Pro Wireless

G Pro Wireless Overview

The G Pro Wireless honors its namesake 'Pro' with quality, speed, and performance suitable for professional gamers all while being wireless. It's a suitable mouse for any power user, gamer or not, who wants one of the highest performing wireless mouses money can buy. For most, this mouse is going to be a bit overkill, while for others overkill is exactly what's wanted.

G Pro Wireless: Wired + Wireless Connection & Latency

As its name denotes, the G Pro Wireless is a fully wireless mouse that uses a USB reciever to achieve ultra low latency. It comes with a charging cable that will switch the mouse to a wired connection when plugged into the computer.

G Pro Wireless: Battery Life

The G Pro Wireless battery boasts 45 hours of use per charge, making it one of the longest lasting wireless mouse batteries on the market. The G Pro battery can, and will, last significantly longer if the RGB is turned off via Logitech's free G Hub software.

G Pro Wireless: Weight

The G Pro Wireless is one of the lightest wireless gaming mouses on the market coming in at only 80 grams. This is an attractive feature for those who want the lightest possible wireless mouse without sacrificing size, performance, or battery life.

G Pro Wireless: Tracking Resolution & Tracking Speed

The G Pro Wireless is equipped with Logitech's 16k Hero sensor that can be adjusted within a dpi range of 200 and 16,000. This is more than adequate for any user, professional or not. The G Pro Wireless achieves 400+ IPS tracking speeds making it more than suitable for professional gaming.

G Pro Wireless: Switch Durability

The G Pro Wireless switches are rated for 50 million clicks. While this is just an estimation, based on an average of ~10,000 clicks per day you could expect these switches to last ~14 years before wearing out.

G Pro Wireless: Who Should Buy the G Pro Wireless?

The G Pro Wireless is suitable for those who want the highest performing wireless gaming mouse posssible and are willing to pay a premium price for it.

Pictured: G903 Lightspeed

G903 Lightspeed Overview

The G903 is quite bluntly one of the worst offerings from Logitech's otherwise stellar gaming mouse product lineup. It's performance pales in comparison to the G Pro Wireless and, aside from its form factor, it doesn't offer anything unique that can't be found in another Logitech wireless gaming mouse.

G903 Lightspeed: Wireless Connection & Latency

The G903 Lightspeed uses Logitech's Lightspeed wireless technology in conjunction with the PMW3366 sensor to achieve latancy as low as 1 millisecond. This is high-tier performance that will be more than adequate for the vast majority of users, though professional-tier wireless gaming mice such as teh G Pro Wireless are now capable of sub-1-millisecond latency.

G903 Lightspeed: Battery Life

The G903 has a respectable battery life of 24+ hours per charge, which can be lengthened significantly by turning off the RGB lighting.

G903 Lightspeed: Weight

The G903 is considered heavy for a gaming mouse, weighing 110 grams without the included 10 gram clip-in weight. Casual users will not likely notice the heavier weight, but serious gamers should consider seeking a wireless gaming mouse under 100 grams.

G903 Lightspeed: Tracking Resolution and Tracking Speed

The G903's tracking resolution can be adjusted between 200 and 12,000 dpi which is more than adequate for any use case. The G903 has a tracking speed of 400+ IPS so you won't experience any tracking loss when moving the mouse quickly.

G903 Lightspeed: Durability

The G903 does not have a switch durability rating and unfortunately has a high proportion of negative reviews complaining about durability issues and double-click errors.

G903 Lightspeed: Who Should Buy the G903 Lightspeed?

We don't recommend the G903 for anyone in particular, unless you are in love with the design aesthetic and form factor, in which case you should pay a little bit more to get the G903 Lightspeed Hero. There are better mouses in the Logitech wireless gaming mouse product lineup at better prices.

G Pro Wireless vs G903 Lightspeed: Final Recommendation

Get the G Pro Wireless if you can afford it. If you can't afford the G Pro Wireless look at the G305, G603, or G703 before considering the G903.

G Pro Wireless and G903 Lightspeed: Where to Buy

Mouse prices tend to fluctuate a lot based on time of year, available stock, and recent releases. As with most electronics, we recommend purchasing through Amazon as their customer service and return policies are very easy to work with if for whatever reason you are not happy with your purchase.

  • You can buy the G Pro Wireless on Amazon here.
  • You can buy the G903 on Amazon here.

You may want to consider cross-shopping on Best Buy, Jet, eBay and Target to find the best price, though Amazon will usually be your best bet unless their is a significant deal or discount on another site.

Other Wireless Gaming Mice to Consider

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